What, when, & how much to eat for your goals

ARISE simplifies macro-planning, carb cycling, nutrient timing, and deciding what’s for dinner.

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 You work hard.

At work, at home, at the gym.

You know proper nutrition will break your plateau. Fuel your body. Get you to the finish line.

But, you don’t want to guess what, when, and how much to eat  😭

That’s why we created ARISE.

Free meal plan for your goals.

Workout meal plan app shows calories, macros, pre-workout, post-workout, daily meals

⚡️ Pre & post-workout, macros, calories – we got you.

No more guessing. Whether you’re starting out or training every day, your meals adjust to hit your macros for rest days & workout days.

Best of all, you can eat what you love. Vegan, vegetarian, avoid gluten, soy, dairy and more.

Recipe for egg cheese bagel with 4 ingredients

🌮 Meals are easy & delicious – groceries are a breeze

6 main ingredients or fewer. Portioned for you, with clear directions plus an automatic grocery list.

Not in the mood for tacos? Swap for something else!

Ari accountability buddy asking how did it go this week

🍏 Build healthier habits with Ari

Your accountability buddy. With weekly check-ins & motivation, Ari helps you adjust your habits based on results.

Backed by nutrition science.

And our nutrition coaches, sports dietitians, personal trainers and community of go-getters.

ARISE simplifies macro-planning, carb cycling, nutrient timing – and deciding what’s 👏 for 👏 dinner 👏.

So you can focus on getting results – like these fine folks.

dairy-free powerlifting  6 medium workouts/week

-10 lbs in 6 weeks

I tried counting calories and eating rice, chicken, & broccoli. But I can’t live like that. Thankfully the app does it for me. I get to eat meals like crispy ranch wraps while losing weight and feeling great during my workouts.

John, 31

Teriyaki rice bowl with chicken, egg, and vegetables

vegan Brazilian jiu-jitsu 4 hard workouts/week

Game changer for me

I was competing more and wanted to step up my nutrition. I tried other apps but they lacked workout meals and tasted liked garbage – no offense. Now, I know exactly what to eat to get to my goals. And I can switch it up when I want to.

Ben, 24

tofu bowl with broccoli, chickpeas, cucumber

weightlifting HIIT 2 medium workouts/week

Reclaimed my body

With a move and career change going on, I wasn’t taking care of myself. I ate “healthy” but felt tired all the time. With ARISE, I eat foods that I enjoy in proper portions. I’m picky & I even discovered new favorites! Burrito bowls anyone?

Elissa, 23

post-workout taco rice bowl with avocado, tomatoes, corn

These are real reviews from our alpha testers. Naturally, results aren’t guaranteed. ARISE is a tool for planning your meals. You’re still in control & we’re here to help.


🤔 All this for free?

Yes, free!

We believe that support for healthy eating should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. That’s why our starter plan will always be free.

We are looking for partners to take this on together. Join the movement by trying out the app!

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We believe that support for well-being should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our vision is to make the world a healthier and happier place.

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