About us

Our mission is to make healthy eating simple & accessible for everyone.

We are for building healthy habits, self-reflection, and listening to our bodies.

We wanted a way to enjoy a healthy life, eat great food, and have the support to do it all.

We found that planning ahead to eat proper portions was the best way to do this. After trying all the other meal plan and calorie counting apps, we were disappointed. None of them answered “what, when, and how to eat?” Especially for workout days.

So we embarked on this journey to combine nutrition, behavior change, exercise science, habit-building. We wanted to create a workout nutrition app that made it easy to choose healthy meals. That asked about us and our progress.

And we want to do it together with people who share our values and vision. With the help of this awesome community, let’s make it better for all of us.

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We’re looking for beta users to try out the newest version of the app before anyone else.

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We believe that support for well-being should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our vision is to make the world a healthier and happier place.

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